Rhino Learning Solutions, LLC offers professionally designed training courses geared toward event industry professionals. Rhino uses a combination of online, in-person, and hands-on instruction to efficiently deliver specialized technical knowledge. Our instructors are subject matter experts with years of experience working in the areas of their expertise.

  • What is Rhino Learning?

Rhino Learning provides high quality safety and technical training for Rhino Staging and other Event Industry professionals.

  • Password Reset

How do I reset my password if I can’t remember it? Passwords are automatically reset for registered Rhino Learning students and staff. Go to our learning portal at https://my.rhinolearning.com, click the “Forgot Password” link, then follow the instructions.

  • Technical difficulties during online sessions

If you experience technical difficulties or system interruptions while taking an online course please contact our system administrator at info@rhinolearning.com.

  • Forgot User Name

What happens when I forget my username? Typically your user name is your email address. If you can’t remember your username, please contact our system administrator: info@rhinolearning.com.

  • Course takes a long time to load

What can I do, the course doesn’t seem to load? Course load times will vary depending on many factors, two primary factors are internet connectivity and the size of the course. Please be patient. If you run out of patience, try another browser. The courses are designed to operate in most browsers popular browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

  • How are the courses delivered?

Rhino Learning courses are designed to be delivered in three ways.

  1. Traditional Style- Instructors and students are together in in the training venue. Rhino Learning facilitates the scheduling, instructional materials, and documentation.
  2. Webinar Style- Instructors and students learn together online in real time, but may be in different locations.
  3. Independent On-line Learning Style- Students receive instruction on-line and are free to decide on the most convenient time and pace of learning.
  • How do I know what courses are offered?

Rhino Learning has an extensive list of available courses which can be found on the “Courses” tab of the Rhino Learning’s website.

  • How do I sign up?

Registration for courses is currently by invitation. If you are a Rhino Staging employee, office managers will initially select Rhinos for specific training courses and will submit their names to Rhino Learning. If you are interested in registering for a course let your Manager know. Rhino encourages training and if we can fit you into the schedule we will give best efforts to do so.

If you are a client or want to engage Rhino Learning to develop and deliver a training program for your company, please contact Matt Hudson, at Rhino Learning.

  • Registration and Enrollment Process

Existing Learners – if you have previously been registered as a user in Rhino Learning’s portal you will receive an enrollment email from Rhino Learning with the details and instructions for your curriculum and courses.

New Learners – If you are a first time user, you will receive an email containing your username (your email address) and a first time password. To login into our learning portal go to https://my.rhinolearning.com, and follow the instructions to change you password.

Course enrollment information is sent via an email from Rhino Learning with the details and instructions for your curriculum and courses.

  • Login and Confirmation Registration and Enrollment
  1. To login to Rhino Learning’s training portal go to https://my.rhinolearning.com and enter your credentials.
  2. Your first screen is the “My Training” tab. On the My Training tab Learners will see all of the curriculum and courses they are enrolled in.
    Select the curriculum you have logged in to take, by clicking the “green” button next to the curriculum name.
  3. The Curriculum will open in a new window, you should see the associated courses, quizzes and materials.
  4. In most cases the Course needs to be reviewed prior to taking a quiz, select Course Materials by clicking the green button next to the course.
  5. A new window will open with the requested materials.
  • How do I download course materials and handouts for review in advance of the course?

Whether Learners have been scheduled to receive in-person or online training course materials are generally available to be reviewed and downloaded in advance.

Navigate to the Curriculum, and select the appropriate course, then select the downloadable materials.

Downloadable Course Materials will be *.pdf files, click the Open button, when the *.pdf opens you can save it as you would other *.pdf files.

  • Interruptions during an online session

Course Materials – Course materials can be reviewed during multiple online sessions to accomodate your schedule. The review of course materials has no time limits, you can stop your review session by exiting the Rhino Learning system, and on your next login you will see the green button next to your course “Continue”, click the button and proceed with your review.

Quizzes – Typically there is a time limit, if you close out of the quiz or exceed the timeline, contact the office to be rescheduled. Quizzes need to be completed within “One” online session.

  • Curriculum and Course Management and Completion

Confirmation that you have completed reviewing the course materials and quizzes will be entered into your Training Record in the Rhino App.

Some Curriculum do not have quizzes, for these, the Learner will need to complete an online acknowledgement that they have reviewed and understood the materials. The acknowledgement will be entered into the Learner’s Training Record in the Rhino App.

For those curriculum that have quizzes, once the Learner has answered all of the quiz questions the score will be calculated during the online session. Those who score 100% will be shown their passing score and then exit the system. Others who have passed will be shown their passing score and then guided through a review session. At the completion of the review session the Learner will exit the system. Learners who did not pass the quiz will exit the system and be directed to contact the Office for retesting.

Certificates and Wallet cards will be emailed to the Learner.

  • Are all the courses available for open enrollment? Are there any prerequisites?

Some of the courses are available for open enrollment and some require an invitation from a course scheduler. A few of the more technical courses have prerequisites. These will be listed in the course descriptions.

  • What are the course fees?

Courses offered to Rhinos are free of charge.

  • Will I receive any documentation showing that I’ve completed a course?

Upon successful completion of a course, Students have the option to print a certificate of completion.

  • Logged in, system unavailable

Occasionally when you login to our learning portal the system will be unavailable. These occurrences are rare. Should you experience a session where the system is unavailable, please log out and try again later.

  • Which courses require a participant waiver?

All training courses that require field participation, field testing or demonstration by the participant require a participant waiver to take that specific course. Currently, these courses are: Aerial Lift Training, Powered Industrial Truck (Forklift), Basic Rigging, Fall Protection Rescue, Followspot Operation, Competent Person for Fall Protection, Competent Rigger – Ground Rigging, Roof System Supervisor Training, Competent Rigger – High Rigging, Competent Rigger – Rigging Supervisor, Truck Loading, Fly System Operation, Rope Access Level 1, Rope Access Level 2, Rope Access Level 3 and Competent Person for PPE Inspection.

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